Preparing Tsokolate is quick and simple. Traditionally, it’s enjoyed hot using water as the liquid but it can also be served over ice and instead of water, you can use your favourite plant-based mylk.

Below are some easy to follow instructions for preparing Tsokolate as a hot drink at home, along with a quick ‘how to’ video.


  • Bring 250 ml of water to the boil & add desired dosage of tableya.
  • Stir until dissolved. Sweeten to taste and spice it up as desired.
  • Pour into your favourite vessel & enjoy mindfully.
  • Can also be made using your favourite plant-based mylk instead of water.
  • To enjoy cold, dissolve desired dosage of tableya in 150 ml of hot water or mylk. Pour over ice & top with 100 ml cold mylk.

Micro dose – 2 tableya:
Best as a starting dose for those new to ceremonial cacao or those with sensitive constitutions.

Creative dose – 4 tableya:
For enhancing your creative & artistic processes.

Ceremonial dose – 6 tableya:
The recommended dose for use in cacao ceremonies.

Shamanic dose – 8 tableya:
For shamanic work & deep meditation. Please build up to this dose over at least 3 separate ceremonial doses.