Tsokolate FAQ


This is entirely up to you and your individual constitution. Some people are more sensitive to cacao than others. We suggest that you start with once per day and if you’ve never had ceremonial cacao before, start with a micro dose using our Lola’s Blend which has a lower concentration of cacao compared to our Pure Blend.

From there, work your way up gradually to your desired dose, checking in with how you feel with each increase and settling on the dose that suits you best.Once you’ve done that, you can slowly introduce another serving to your day if you feel called to it, however we suggest keeping it to a smaller dose and a least 4 hours from your last serve. Allow the innate wisdom of your body to guide you.

Check out our blog post for how to prepare Tsokolate here.

Tsokolate should be stored in a cool dry place below 18 degrees Celsius.

When you drink too much Cacao, you may experience some mild discomfort. Too much Cacao can cause headaches, nausea, and stomach disruptions due to its detoxifying effects.

Our Lola’s Blend contains organic agave nectar as a natural sweetener. Our Pure Blend is not sweetened at all. You can sweeten each serve to taste with your natural sweetener of choice.

Yes, in very small amounts. The caffeine content of cacao ranges from 0.1% to 0.5%, depending on which type of beans are being used. Unprocessed raw cacao has much less caffeine than processed cacao powder and significantly less caffeine than coffee making it an ideal coffee alternative.

30 g of pure raw cacao contains about 40 mg of caffeine. To provide some context, 1 shot of espresso contains between 75 and 100 mg of caffeine whereas a cup of black tea contains between 49 and 90 mg of caffeine.

Theobromine is the stimulant that is predominantly found in raw cacao. It is in the same alkaloid family as caffeine but is non-addictive, more gentle on the adrenal glands and nervous system and is more alkalizing. It works on the cardiovascular system, increasing your blood flow throughout the body and brain, providing a longer, more sustained focus and energy. Caffeine on the other hand, works on the nervous system and this can result in a more jittery and sudden energy hit.

No. Cacao can assist in meditative and intentional practices but is not considered a psychedelic.

As always, we recommend you tune into and choose what’s right for you. We all have different considerations and constitutions. As a duty of care, we always recommend you speak with your trusted healthcare professional if you’re interested in using cacao whilst breastfeeding.

That being said, we consider cacao to be safe during breastfeeding for both mamas and babies who are healthy with no underlying conditions. Cacao can be a wonderful supplement to support both mama and baby and can provide an energy boost for those avoiding caffeine. We recommend an upper limit of 90 g per week in total with a single dose not exceeding 30 g.

Tsokolate is 100% organic and very minimally processed at low temperatures. This, along with the higher percentage of fat means that your tableya could have some cacao butter rising to the surface and making it appear to have white spotting or marbling. Rest assured that it’s perfectly fine for you to enjoy.

If you are however concerned about the quality of your Tsokolate, please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

There are 3 ways two ways to purchase Tsokolate from us:

  • Cash
  • Silver
  • Privacy Crypto


Paying With Cash:
You can easily make payment for Tskolate with cash upon delivery if you are within one of our local delivery areas.

Paying With Silver:
You can easily make payment for Tskolate with silver upon delivery if you are within one of our local delivery areas. We are also happy to provide change in cash if there is a difference between the the silver per/oz price at the time of your purchase and the total sum of your purchase.

Paying With Privacy Crypto:
If you cannot pay with cash or silver upon delivery because you require domestic or international shipping, you can make payment on our website with Privacy Crypto. We currently accept Monero (XMR) & Pirate (ARR).

Privacy coins are an essential tool in upholding our privacy and freedom. It’s really easy to set up a crypto wallet and start using Monero. Below are just two of the many ways to start. If you want to begin using Monero anonymously without having to verify your ID online from the get go, you can follow the simple steps below:

1. Get a Monero wallet
2. Locate your Monero address
3. Login or register an account with LocalMonero
4. Search and buy XMR from a trusted vendor
5. Transfer the crypto-coin to a secure wallet

If the above steps seem too confusing for you to follow, you can use Cake Wallet which enables you to store, send, receive, and exchange XMR, Bitcoin (BTC), Lite Coin (LTC) and exchange other currencies. Cake Wallet’s source code is completely open-source, and the wallet has been audited by the community.

1. Download Cake Wallet at cakewallet.com for iOS and Android
Create a Litecoin or Bitcoin and a Monero Wallet in Cake Wallet
3. In the Litecoin or Bitcoin wallet, buy Litecoin or Bitcoin using Debit/Credit Card
4. Exchange the Litecoin for Monero in Cake Wallet using the built-in Exchange

Irrespective of which method you employ, once you have some Monero in your crypto wallet, you can easily purchase from us. Simply add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart on our online store and select the Monero payment option and make payment to our Monero address from your crypto wallet by either scanning our QR code or copying our address.

UPDATE: As of November 19 2021, Cake wallet announced the following:

“Cake Wallet is now close to offering purchases of XMR with debit/credit cards directly in our app. No BTC or LTC in the middle. No separate onboardings. Straight to your noncustodial wallet. Easy as Cake”.

We deliver to our local delivery areas within Sydney, Northern Rivers & Cairns. If you’re located within one of our local delivery areas, “local delivery” will appear as a shipping option at the checkout after you enter your address including your post code. Local delivery can access cash and silver payment options.


If you live outside of our local delivery areas, we can send you your Tsokolate via “flexible domestic shipping” or “flexible international shipping” at a rate that is dependent on your location and the weight of your order.

Orders that require domestic or international shipping must paid for with privacy crypto. We do not accept any payments that require the use of a bank such as credit card or direct bank transfer. We do not support corrupt banking institutions and therefore we do not use them. You too can make a difference by choosing private and independent methods of payment.

If you are concerned about the quality of your Tsokolate or are unhappy with your purchase, please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue. We provide refunds and exchange if the product is not of the standard that we uphold. We do not however provide refunds or exchanges for change of mind.