About Us

Welcome To Sol Alkhemi

A not for profit, private association dedicated to empowering individuals
and communities to
realise their true potential, live in alignment with natural law and uphold our freedom.

Spiritual Alchemy

We are a community dedicated to sharing sacred knowledge and ancient wisdom with a focus on how to apply it to our modern context. Our guiding goal is to empower one another to realise our true potential, live in alignment with natural law and uphold our freedom.

Through our not for profit and it’s subsidiaries, we provide a wide range of products and services that assist our members in becoming more empowered in various aspects of their lives.

We have created our offerings to encourage the practice of spiritual alchemy. Alchemy has long been understood as a way of achieving transmutation, a process for turning base metals into gold. However, the art of alchemy is also concerned with transformation & change that extends beyond chemistry and matter. It is as a whole, a pathway to self mastery, illumination and liberation.

Some Hermetic schools consider the transmutation of lead into gold as an allegory for the transmutation of the physical body (Saturn or lead) into solar energy (Sun or gold). Through knowledge, tools and practices, we can begin to transform ourselves internally by purifying and overcoming what doesn’t serve us so that we can truly live free.

it all starts with YOU YOU YOU

Our Mission

Sol Alkhemi is a not for profit, community service, private association. All profits are used to fund community projects.

We pursue the following charitable purposes & objectives:

Empowerment & Freedom

To support our members in learning and applying effective ways to become more empowered, self-responsible and free in various aspects of their lives.

Sustainable Sustenance

To support local communities within the areas that we work to have access to clean water, shelter and food in a sustainable and regenerative way.

Holistically Healthy

To support support our members in accessing and learning about natural and effective ways to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Indigenous Wisdom

To support local indigenous communities within the areas that we work in preserving their traditional wisdom, sacred lore, ancient knowledge and cultural practices.

Our Values

At Sol Alkhemi, we understand that the best way to change our world for the better is to first start with making positive changes within. For this reason, everything we do is driven by the values that we live by. We are guided by the values of:


We commit to researching widely and thinking critically in order to stand for and embody truth in all our thoughts, words and actions. We encourage and support others in their search for truth and will never censor information.


We commit to living with compassion for ourselves and others. This means always seeking to understand instead of judge and choosing to reflect the love and light within everyone without discrimination.


We commit to living free and to making sure that all of our thoughts, words and actions contribute towards the freedom of all beings. We value our privacy and respect yours by making sure we utilise platforms that protect privacy as a priority. We will never share your information without your consent and only ever collect what is necessary with your explicit permission.


We commit to working with others towards a shared goal. We believe that the more people putting their energy and time into a project, the better the overall result. For this reason, we support open-source programs and ensure that everything we create is always as accessible to everyone as possible.

Our Subsidiaries

Sol Alkhemi is proud to offer a range of products and services through our subsidiaries. All proceeds help to fund our charitable purposes & objectives.

Cosmic Creative Studio

Cosmic Creative Studio is a boutique agency that offers creative business services such a branding, web design and business consulting with a focus on privacy, security & censorship resistance.